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Shock Rocks™, POP’RS® Exploding Flavor Crystals Offer Easy Fundraising Opportunities

Hot Products’ Tickling Sensation a Huge Hit with Kids

Neenah, WI (November 2008) – Raven Manufacturing announced today it is offering unique opportunities for schools, churches, youth sports teams and other organizations that want to raise money.

Shock Rocks™ and POP’RS®, which are produced by Raven Manufacturing, are a fun and exciting new addition the fundraising world. POP’RS® are flavored seasonings that can be sprinkled on foods from ice cream to yogurt to broccoli to corn to enhance their flavor and make them more appealing to kids of all ages. Shock Rocks are eaten like candy right out of the pouch.

Shock Rocks are small candy crystals of flavored energy that explode in the mouth and come in four flavors – lemon, grape, sour apple and sour watermelon. POP’RS exploding candy crystals come in strawberry, cinnamon, butter and color burst flavors that can be sprinkled on desserts and vegetables.

“The popping and tickling and laughing sensations will explode in your mouth,” said Raven Manufacturing representative David Hesson. “It’s an inexpensive, yet effective way for clubs and sports teams to raise money.”

Hesson, whose company produces the popping crystals at a plant in Wrightstown, Wis., said Shock Rocks were developed as a fundraising vehicle for his youth soccer team. “We raised more than $500 in one weekend,” he said. “If it worked that easily for us, it can do the same for other youth organizations.”

Nominally priced at just $1 per pouch, organizations can earn a 45 percent profit on each case of Shock Rocks or POP’RS. “The best part of this is that no one else is selling a similar product,” Hesson said. “These are not the usual candy bars or lollipops, but are the hottest candy product on the market.”

About Raven Manufacturing

For more information on how your organization can participate in Shock Rocks and POP’RS fundraising, please contact David Hesson at 920-858-8696 or via e-mail at Raven is the only manufacturer of carbonated crystals in North America, with production facilities located in Wrightstown, Wis. Raven’s staff has the most extensive experience in the industry in providing innovative solutions to the use of carbonated material in an ever increasing array of food, health care and personal care products. Raven’s products add interactive excitement to a wide range of products such as candy and ice cream. All Raven products are certified by the FDA and WDA. For more information, please visit our web site at


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